How To Structure Your Time To Maximise Your Profits

Hello, this is Cath at Clinic Alchemy.

Today we’re going to be talking about how to structure your time to maximise your profits.

Here are my top tips:

Prep in advance by batch prepping.

If you need forms, pre-print them so you don’t have to waste time filling in patient names. Dictate and send as you go. Make your letters your notes – don’t write both.

Either dictate or email in 20 seconds instructions about next steps to your secretary.

It’s a false economy to have clinic appointment times that are too short – patients don’t like it and you’ll only have to stay behind to do the admin.

When you finish seeing the last patient and have dictated that letter, you literally should be able to walk out of room – job done.

Never type your own letters – outsource to a transcription company such as WeType.

Batch a single time in the week time to make sure you’ve gone through results and have done clinical prep.

This should never be taking more than an hour and a half per week MAX, or you’re doing it wrong and need to delegate.

Medical admin time is always less expensive than yours.

You’ll be losing lots of money if need to take a half day a week to deal with admin – your aim is either to be seeing patients, and, very importantly, marketing your practice.

Become paper free.

Whilst you might have to scribble on actual paper whilst you’re in theatres, it’s nonsense to have your medsec print out previous patient letters and put them into a file for every clinic list.

Spend half a day learning how to use practice management software, that you can access online from anywhere, and improve your keyboard skills. It’s entirely possible to take a laptop or tablet to a ward if you’re popping back to see a patient at the end of the day…You’ll save yourself a fortune in medsec time that way.

Take an actual lunch hour.

Eat, walk around the block, reply to some emails and phone calls.Don’t be dealing with these at the end of the day.

Purposefully commit to spending half an hour a day on marketing activities.

That means connecting with potential referrers, meeting with them, writing content for your website or recording a vlog to appeal to patients directly.

Remember 70 % of patients have made up their minds about coming to see us, before they even get in touch with us, because of what they have read about you, or seen online.

10 mins a day of social media.

We’re not talking connecting with your clinical mates – we’re talking reaching out to clinicians on LinkediIn / commenting on that facebook post from a running club.

Use your commute to do this if at all possible.

Outsource everything possible, from the very beginning

billing and typing are the obvious ones, but also remember where savings can be made on top of that – outsourcing your typing means you pay less per hour than you would do if your medical administrator did it for you.

Their job should be answering phone calls, looking after patients, booking theatres etc.

Work at just one or two locations MAX.

Endlessly commuting around different sites just wastes time on travel.Stick at one or two sites, and learn to market yourself as the go-to person at the site. Again, spend more time promoting what you do, and less time ‘planting’ new clinics.

Commit one hour per week to learning a new business or marketing skill.

Get adept at mastering LinkedIn or getting comfortable recording videos on your iPhone.

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