How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Private Practice

When it comes to Social Media it can all be a bit overwhelming. Where shall I start? What do I share? Who do I follow? But firstly, it’s really important that you choose just one social media platform that is right for you. Giving just one platform 100% concentration will give you better results and save you time.

In the past this used to be relatively easy – you started a Facebook Page, set-up a Twitter account, and then added others over time. But now we have Instagram, Pinterest and the professional social media platform Linkedin, which is on the rise! And if you’re thinking about creating video content, then YouTube should definitely be on your list.

But you can’t be active on all of them all the time – so which platform is right for your private practice?

Here are a few questions to help you figure out where your patients hang out online…

1. Who is my target audience? Write a description of your typical patients, including age, gender, occupation and any interests they may have.

  1. What problem do you solve for your patients?
  2. Where does your patients hang out online?
  3. Which social media platform is your patient most likely to use to solve the problems you deal with?
  4. What kind of content will you be sharing?
  5. What social media platforms are your top 3 competitors using and on which platform have they got the biggest number of followers on?

Make sure you like the platform!

You also want to take in to consideration which platform you are more likely to stick with and enjoy. If you are a visual person you might want to give Instagram a go but if you are information based and can give small snippets of information, then Twitter would be great for you. It really is worth looking at all the pros and cons of all the platforms before you dive in. 

What’s is your main reason for getting involved in Social Media and what is your Goal?

We are told all the time that we should be participating in social media but it is essential that you have a goal in mind when you finally choose your platform.   

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Content Distribution
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Customer support
  6. Drive traffic to your website

All of these goals are valid reasons for getting involved with social media but my advice as always, will be to keep it consistent and post something every single day to learn about the platform and how to make it work for you and your practice. The first few months might be painful and disheartening and it’s likely to move slowly but just remember everyone starts off in the same place.

We would love to know what social media platform you chose, come and say hello at @ClinicAlchemy and were give you a shout out.




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