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Business Coaching for Private Practice

Do you need to up your game in terms of the business side of your private practice, but you’re not sure how to go about it? To be successful in Private Practice, you need to be a great clinician (and I know you’ve got that part covered), but you also have to develop your CEO skills, because Private Practice is a business. This is where Private Practice business coaching can help you.
Whether you’re just starting out or thinking of making the leap to full time private work, I can teach you how to get there quicker, through business coaching

You should consider Private Practice business coaching if you want to:

  • Rapidly grow your practice so that you are only seeing the patients you really want to be seeing

  • Stand out from the ‘competition’ of other clinicians working in your clinical area, so that you’re the obvious go-to person for patients and referrers

  • Develop the most cost effective and time efficient methods of running your practice, so you can get on with seeing patients, and not doing endless ‘admin’

  • Get a clear strategy for continually growing your private practice, whilst avoiding potential pitfalls (such as too many clinics in too many places)

  • Have fully booked clinics – with a waiting list of patients willing to invest in coming to see you

  • Have built in accountability, so that your financial goals come to fruition, rather than fizzling out

  • Build a Private Practice that (finally) supports the life you want to lead

So how does Private Practice business coaching work?

I recommend starting out with a deep-dive coaching day, followed by two scheduled half-day sessions to really build momentum.

We’ll meet in a private meeting room, away from the distractions of clinics and hospitals, so can totally focus on understanding where your practice is now (what’s working and what isn’t), and then develop a robust strategy for getting your practice to where you want it to be. We’ll lay out a step-by-step pathway for taking action on the goals we’ll be setting.

You’ll leave that day with a clear plan, and you’ll have a set of actionable tasks that will instantly help kick start your practice growth.

Momentum is key in and in our further two sessions, we’ll build on the foundations laid on our first day together, but without it feeling overwhelming.

After the second half-day, I’ll keep you on track with scheduled ‘Zoom’ video conferencing coaching calls. Clients frequently tell me that these calls provide them with the much-needed accountability – the vital ingredient for goal-attainment.

Throughout this process, we’ll be in touch via email, and I’ll be readily accessible to answer any questions you have.

Marketing my Private Practice

Do you feel a little bit awkward or uncomfortable when it comes to marketing your Private Practice? Maybe you’ve wasted money on advertising that didn’t bring you any new patients?

Building a successful Private Practice means growing a large referral network, and crucially, having a very strong on-line presence.

Why is the being on-line so important? Because Google tells us that 70% of patients will have made up their minds about coming to see a clinician, before they even get in touch with that clinician. Patients are making their own decisions about who delivers their private health care, and it’s no longer a decision made by a referring G.P.

One of the things clinicians struggle with, is, how to explain exactly what it is that they do, and how to stand apart from the competition, particularly if they are working in an already crowded clinical area.

This where I can help.

Through business coaching I can help you develop your niche, and teach you how to market what it is you do, both through the on-line world, and how you approach potential referrers and quickly develop long-term referral relationships.

I’ll teach you how to produce engaging content, how to use social media, and how to avoid wasting money.

Most importantly, I’ll teach you how to be known, so you don’t have to worry about where the next patient is coming from.

If you’re interested in learning how to market your Private Practice, get in touch

I.T., Tech and GDPR

Nothing slows up a practice like poor running systems and processes. If you want to focus on seeing patients and growing your Private Practice, the last thing you need is a tech headache. In addition to the everyday I.T. functioning of your practice, it’s really important that you’re fully GDPR compliant. Sadly, many clinicians fail to put in place what’s needed to be compliant, leaving them very vulnerable in the event of a data breech or complaint from an angry patient.

If you’re too busy and haven’t found the time or someone who can help you get your IT or GDPR needs met, we’re here to help.

We offer a done-for-your GDPR compliance service which takes care of:

  • Data flow auditing and data security

  • Tailored Private Notice writing

  • Email security and ‘seamless’ Egress encryption (so that the emails you write and receive are automatically encrypted and decrypted)

  • Cookies policies and website cookies alerts

  • Advice on how to be GDPR compliant in your email marketing

We can help you with the following I.T. tech headaches:

  • Data back-up and GDPR compliant encryption

  • Relocating data that’s scattered or poorly structured

  • Tired I.T. systems that aren’t serving their purpose anymore, or are expensive to run

  • Moving from a paper to a fully digital practice

  • Teaching you the I.T. skills so that you can confidently manage your tech going forwards

  • Getting Tech projects for bigger practices off to a flying start

If you’re interested in getting your I.T. or GDRP sorted for your Private Practice, get in touch

Video Marketing

Patients research clinicians online and using video to market your Private Practice will significantly help your practice growth.
In 2019 80% of online content will be viewed through video, and because patients can ‘get to know you’ before they’ve even met you, video is a very successful way to build trust, converting enquiries into appointments. In other ways, it helps patients to choose you over other clinicians.

Maybe you’ve thought about video but find the idea rather daunting. Perhaps you’ve been put off by the tech? We can make the process easy, and even teach you how to do it yourself.

We can work with you in three ways:

We devise a strategy for the content of your video (e.g. getting clear on explaining what it is you do, and how you can help people, and who you are wanting to reach)

We coach you through a filming session at an agreed location (no prior experience behind a camera needed).

We edit the shoot, including branding, captioning and transcription, so it’s website and social media ready for you.

We teach you how to get the most out of your new video content.

If you’re keen to shoot your own videos on a camera or smartphone, but you’re not keen on the techy production side of things, we’re here to help. We can take the hassle out of the process by editing the video for you (including branding, effects and captions), and embed your video on your website/YouTube and distributing it on your social media platforms.

Want to learn how confidently shoot video, edit it, and repurpose it? We can train you through practical, hands on, one-to-one instruction, so you have all the skills you need to do this yourself.

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