Get Over Yourself & Go Promote Your Private Practice



What’s holding you back from getting out there and promoting your Practice? I bet you’ve come up with any number of excuses:

– I don’t have the time

– I don’t have any money for marketing

– I don’t know where to start

– I hate the idea of coming across as ‘salesy’


I’m willing to bet that you might also have been thinking ‘I’m worried what my peers are going to think about me if they see me promoting myself online’.

Interestingly, whilst many or all of us may have had this thought at some point, I find that it’s the surgeons I work with as Private Practice Ninja clients, who I see be most caught out by this mental construct.


And I get it. You may have worked under the mentorship of a wise Professor whilst you were a Fellow, and you’re concerned that colleagues might start whispering ‘have you seen wee young William McWilliam online lately? Who the hell does he think he is?’

The fact is, the vast majority of our peers who keenly observe us getting our acts together online, are usually kicking themselves for not having the balls to do it themselves.


Setting up your website or vlogging (and I encourage you to do both), can sometimes feel a little daunting, or even scary. But after a few sessions in front of the camera, it will start to feel much easier, and you’ll even grow to like it.


There’s a big cost to be paid for not promoting yourself online

Firstly, the longer your leave it, the less time you have to grow your organic ranking online.

Having a strong online presence is the best way by far, to market what you do.

If you regularly produce video content, you’ll be light years ahead of the majority of clinicians who don’t. Google and social media platforms love video (did you know that social media posts that contain video are 1,200 times
more likely to be shared?).

Here’s the rub.

Despite knowing how good video and web presence is for our Practices, we’ll often hold back because of the following:

– I don’t know what I should be making my videos about.

 – I’m worried people will disagree with what I have to say (and call me out about it).

– I’m worried I’ll look daft on camera.


Here’s the great news.

Being successful in Private Practice is all about bringing your own personal style to what you do medically. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition.


What you have to say is your opinion, and if it’s your opinion, it’s a valid opinion, which deserves to be heard.

Not knowing what to say is remedied with a good dose of content marketing strategy and worrying about how you’re going to look on camera is remedied with some on-screen coaching.

Get in touch if you need help with either of these:

When you’re promoting yourself online, the best way to avoid (your fear of) criticism is to ‘keep your nose clean’. That means, not having a pop at someone’s ‘unusual’ viewpoint, or belittling people with your ‘superior’ experience. If you can’t make a nice or a polite comment, don’t. When you fall into the one-upmanship trap, and patients and referrers will also read what you’ve written online, and they too will form an opinion about you.

Don’t act like a dick online!


Finally,remember your ‘why’.

– Why did you get into Private Practice in the first place?

– Was it to earn more money for your family, or to fund a lifestyle with more freedom?

Hang on to those thoughts, and remember who you’re doing all this promotional work for..


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Who are we again?

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