LinkedIn Bios For Doctors

How to use your Linkedln Bio to grow your Private Practice

Are you currently using Linkedln in your Private Practice? This Vlog is about LinkedIn Bios for Doctors.

If you’re not currently on LinkedIn, you should be. If you are, you might want to use these tips and step up a gear.

Why is LinkedIn important if you’re a Doctor in Private Practice?

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn has changed substantially over the last few years. It used to be a stuffy place, the kind of place you’d go looking for a job, but recently it’ s morphed, and if you’re not on Linkedln, you need to be.

Here are my top tips that will really help get you noticed on Linkedln.

Sort out you Bio photo.

When you sign up to LinkedIn, most Doctors fail to take a great opportunity to make a wonderful first impression. When you’re filling out your profile, it’s absolutely worth taking a few minutes to get this RIGHT. The first thing is, you need a decent photo -that’s professionally taken head shot, and not one from your mate’s wedding.

Next, resist leaving the standard blue background in place, because this is where you should be displaying your logo or branding (do this and you’ll instantly be much more memorable than your peers.

Write your LinkedIn ‘Headline’.

Underneath your name you have space for a few words in the area known as the ‘headline’. It’s 120 characters. Rather than just write ‘Joe Chopper, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, London’, think about using those precious characters to write about your niche and who you help. So, if you were Joe Chopper, you could might want to write ‘London Consultant Knee Surgeon. Helping professional footballer s with ACL to return to sport ‘.

Use the ‘Summary’ area to showcase how you can help people.

Next is the summary area – this where it often goes wrong. It’ s super tempting to put a cut and paste of CV in here. DON’T. You can put all that stuff in the ‘Experience’ section below.

You need to capitalise on your niche, your skills and how that can help patients. Because this can often look like a wall of text, you should break it up into little sections -you can do this by putting words in capitals.

For instance, you could write:

MEET JOE – Consultant Knee Surgeon based London. I am passionate about helping professional athletes with ACL injuries. I work with professional clubs such as blah blah blah.

Then you could have a section that speaks to the patient’s problem – Joe could use the words: ‘ACL RECONSTRUCTION’ as another subsection, followed by ‘many of the patients I see are struggling to know where they should or shouldn’t have surgery for their ACL, or feel unsure about how to choose their surgeon. Some have had tried the conservative route but are failing to return to being active. Sound familiar? I help many patients like yourself to make their right decision about surgery, and if surgery is the route we choose, I achieve excellent surgical outcomes. I’ve performed ‘X’ number of ACL reconstructions to date, and I work with premier league footballers.

Make sure it’s easy to contact you.

Next have a section about CONTACT:

E.g. ‘Contact me via email: or ring to make an appointment, telephone 007007007…’ etc.

The ‘My Expertise’ area. H3

Finally round off the summary section with ‘MY EXPERTISE. This is where you should summarise your awesomeness. It should be short and snappy, e.g. ‘Joe Chopper, expert in ACL reconstruction, consultant orthopaedic surgeon to professional footballers. 2012 Olympic Games Surgeon’ etc.

So, smarten up your LinkedlN bio, and then get used to sharing it.

Make your profile easy to share. H3

Don’t know how to share the URL for people to find you on Linkedln? Open up Linkedln on your phone or desktop, find the photo icon of yourself, then click ‘View Profile’.

On you profile page, click ‘Edit public profile and URL’, which will be on the right-hand side of the screen. You’ll then see an ‘Edit URL’ area – this will show you a URL address that starts with profile name. You can cut and paste this and use it anywhere online where you may want to make connections.

Get cracking!

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