How To Choose A Domain Name & Where To Buy It?

Once you’ve decided that you want to start building your private practice brand online you will need to think about purchasing a domain name.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website name. A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website.

You want to make sure that you keep this as simple as possible because once the chosen name is given out over the phone you want to make sure its easy to spell, memberable and understood.  Sometimes it is a very straightforward process, as most private practices will research to see if their business name is available, this is a great idea, unless your business name is:

Orthopedic Knee Surgeon and Associates 

Although this name is good for the search engines this is going to be very painful for your potential patients that want to reach your private practice website. In this instant I would advise that you tried to break down the keywords:

Orthopedic Knee Clinic

(that’s still available FYI)

And if you wanted to make the domain name really simple you could do a search on the first letters of the name, so for example using the name above (Orthopedic Knee Surgeon and Associates )

I also want to point out that B&Q (The British DIY and home improvement retail company) their domain name is This is your chance to find a domain name that represents you and your private practice. If you need help with this your web designer would be happy to help

Where can I purchase a Domain name?

There are 100s of domain name registers out there.  Head over to Google and type in :

‘domain name registration’

There are usually a bunch of them on the first page that will offer you your first domain name for £1 for the first year. I always recommend that you purchase a few domain names especially the ‘.com’ and the ‘’ (if you’re in the UK) the last thing you want is your competitor popping up with the .net or the .info a few months later.

Or to register a domain name you can go to: go daddy123reg or

I hope you found this blog informative. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Cheryl x

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