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You have a personal brand whether you know it or not. When people say your name, what words come to mind? Let’s just hope its all good, but seriously, if you have any accounts online such as Instagram or Linkedin, this is all part of your personal brand. A personal brand is how people perceive you and you want to make sure that your personal brand represents you in the right way, right?

Personal Branding is an awareness of your character and the ways you like to work with people before they ever work with you.

So you’re probably thinking, why not make a conscious effort to improve it now?

Here are some ways you can improve your personal branding today…

  1. Collaboration

Working with other people in your industry is a great way of getting in front of more people. You can apply to be a part of a podcast, guest blog or even ask another surgeon or doctor to feature you on their website.

  1. Network

Networking is a great way to meet new people. The right relationships in business is a vital both online and offline. You are who you connect with.

  1. Social proof

Create a social media platform so you can become the ‘go to’ doctor or surgeon for that subject, if you give out advice.

  1. Write a book

Writing a book is a great way of giving you gravitas within your field. Not only will you become known as an expert in your industry, but you will attract more influencers to your network.

  1. Speak

Speaking at events is very valuable to your personal brand as it puts you in front of a new audience.

  • You get to present your ideas to a group of people
  • Your ideas will gain more traction and have more impact
  • It gets you better positions of work in the private sector

When you are at a conference, on a stage, people will see YOU. And when you deliver the right speech, they will remember you better.

  1. State your opinion

Some people are sometimes too afraid to share their opinions on research. Don’t be. State your opinion.

  1. Recognise people who have helped you – Shine the light on others

By talking about your amazing team or professors in your field, people will remember you, as well as them.

  1. Personalised domain name.

Create your own personal website where you can talk about what you’re passionate about, i.e. your step by step process to get your patients back on their feet again. You can share personal testimonials from patients and any papers you have written.

Its also a great platform for telling your story.

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