The Cost Of Delay

Hello – Gemma here at Clinic Alchemy. The alchemist to give you tips on how to manage and grow your wealth.

I was inspired to write about this on a recent chilly Sunday morning.

I was standing in my wetsuit and I was just about to jump into a lake which was 10 degrees.

What was running through my mind?

It’s going to be cold.

Do I really want to?

I told myself to ‘shut up. just do it you know you will love it and feel great’.

So, I jumped in and the initial shock was well worth it (and the hot chocolate tasted very good after).

I detest procrastination. I my opinion, the idea of sometime doing something is much worse than the actual doing!

We all know that famous brands strap line – just do it.

Well, it rings very true to financial planning. Planning to get you to where you want to be in order to achieve your goals.

Doctors – stop running on a treadmill, take your head out the sand, get a budget in place and set up some decent plans to build yourself money for the future.

Money that can be used to achieve the goals and dreams you want to fulfil.

Need a nudge? Let’s try a little quiz:

Mrs Red saves £3000 a year from age 24 to 60. Total saving of £108,000.

Mrs Blue saves £3000 a year from age 34 to age 60. Total saving £78,000.

How much will Mrs red have at age 60? The answer is £500,000.

Mrs Blue will have just £100,000.

Now admittedly, Mrs Red did put away £30k more, but nevertheless, she ended up with £400k more.

Let’s imagine, Mrs Green worked for just 10 years. She had kids and never returned to work.

During her working years, she saved – £3000 a year from age 24 for 10 years. £30,000 in total.

Her money was subject to the same growth rate.

Guess who had the more at age 60? Mrs Blue, or Mrs Green?

Putting it another way…

Mrs Blue, who saved £78,000 or Mrs Green, who saved £30,000?

The answer is, Mrs Green. She built up a pot of £200,000. From just £30,000.

And moral of this story? Stop thinking and start doing.

Start saving now and you will reap the rewards in the future and feel great on the way.

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